Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Center

Podiatry, Foot & Ankle Surgeons and Wound Care Specialists & Podiatrists located in Henderson, NV

Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Center has two offices in Henderson, Nevada, providing exceptional care to informed patients of all ages in a convenient, comfortable setting. The practice has experienced podiatrists who listen and respond to patients, treating each one as a unique individual deserving of first-rate, personalized care.

The highly qualified doctors at Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers effectively diagnose and treat foot and ankle pain, including common problems, such as bunions, hammertoe, plantar fasciitis, corns, flat feet, and ingrown toenails, using conservative measures where possible. The team also includes specialists in minimally invasive arthroscopic surgery and wound care.

In addition, Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers’ dedicated team of trained professionals offer comprehensive diabetic foot care. Patients with diabetes face life-changing foot and ankle problems, including diabetic ulcers and limb amputation, without ongoing care. Using their expertise, the Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers podiatrists prevent, identify, and treat diabetic foot problems with outstanding success.

Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers offers on-site vascular testing, such as Doppler ultrasound and ankle-brachial index (ABI) tests, to identify blood circulation problems that could lead to ulcer formation. Existing wounds receive the finest care using the latest treatments and techniques.

Other services available at Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers include custom orthotics or shoe inserts that address structural abnormalities in the feet and ankles and cushion tender feet. Patients receive care from friendly physicians who offer invaluable advice on maintaining and improving foot and ankle health. 

Las Vegas Foot and Ankle Centers combines knowledge and experience with the highest standards of care to best meet patients’ podiatric needs. Call the nearest office or book an appointment online today to benefit from improved foot and ankle health.